Using 15 new words


June 06, 1999

After reading "Because You're Lucky," write each of these sight words on a 3-by-5 index card. Place five words at a time in front of your child. Give clues to describe the new word, then ask your child to say the word and use it in a sentence. For example, using the first row of five cards say, "Can you be a good detective and find a new word that means battle?" Your child should pick up the card with the word "fight" and use it in a sentence.

As a variation, place four of the sight words in a row in front of your child. Read the words and have your child repeat each one aloud. Then tell him to cover his eyes while you remove one of the cards. He should guess which word is missing and use it in a sentence. Put the word back in the row for self-checking.


fight, aunt, night, room, love, sleep, toy, lucky, joke, shove, park, friend, silent, fun, supper

-- Susan Rapp, Village Reading Center

Pub Date: 06/06/99

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