Zachary Fisher, 88, a developer and Russian immigrant...

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June 06, 1999

Zachary Fisher, 88, a developer and Russian immigrant whose lifelong interest in the U.S. military led him to convert an abandoned aircraft carrier, the USS Intrepid, into an acclaimed naval museum, died Friday in New York. Mr. Fisher started a foundation to save the Intrepid in 1978. Four years later, the battle-scarred carrier was home to the Intrepid Air Sea Space Museum, now the world's largest naval museum. It remains docked in the Hudson River.

George Washington Bentley, 101, the last surviving founder of the American Legion, died Friday in Minneapolis. In March, he was awarded the Legion of Honor, the highest medal of the French government, for his service in France during World War I.

Peter Brough, 83, a radio star who attracted a British audience of millions in the 1950s as the ventriloquist who brought puppet Archie Andrews to life, died Thursday. The radio show "Educating Archie" served as a launching pad for many comics and actors, most notably Julie Andrews, a regular on the British Broadcasting Corp. show as a child.

Ruth Whitney, 70, who for more than 30 years was editor in chief of Glamour magazine and influenced generations of women during the growth of American feminism, died Friday of Lou Gehrig's disease at her home in Irvington, N.Y.

Pub Date: 6/06/99

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