Carroll County employees recognized for service

Seven are singled out for outstanding work

June 06, 1999

The Carroll County commissioners recently held their annual employee recognition program to honor workers for length of service and significant contributions.

Seven employees received recognition awards from the Ombudsman Committee for service to the citizens of Carroll County. They were: Angie Bowersox and Leonard Haines, the Cost Savings Award; Doug Rawlings, Bright Idea Award; Kim Carter, Debbie Fowler, Gail Jones and Nathalie Schein, Employees of the Year.

Michael Valentine of the Office of Public Safety received the Exceptional Service Award for excellence in his work with the fire service. He reprogrammed and repaired fire service pagers and offers assistance in off-duty hours. He also operates a weather warning system at his own expense to share with the fire service.

Kim Millender and Joan Wanken of the county attorney's office received certificates of appreciation for their dedication and perseverance in collecting bad debts totaling $419,685 during the last fiscal year.

Service awards went to:

Five years: Georgiana L. Allen, Business and Employment Resource Center; Steven M. Bassler, Lawrence E. Gesell, Terry W. Ruby, Brian J. Storey, Buildings and Grounds; Salvatore Brown, Kenneth R. Chesgreen, Detention Center; Glenn C. Calhoun Jr., Melissa Ottey Hockensmith, State's Attorney; Gary L. Cole, James C. Scalion, Utilities.

Also, Arlene M. Colodonato, Betty L. Hentzman, Housing; Patricia A. Cuffley, Permits and Inspections; Stanley A. Curtis, Traffic Control; Darrell W. Davidson, Dale Y. Henderson, Development Review; Brenda Dinne, Rosetta G. Mann, Nancy C. Weber, Planning; Roscoe D. Fleming, Carroll M. Hively Jr., George A. Shoemaker, Herbert M. Wyatt Jr., Larry E. Yingling, Roads.

Also, Deborah A. Frame, Angela Walz, Roxie G. Yelton, Aging; Jennifer S. Harris, Public Works; Cheryl P. Holl, Accounting; Rosemary J. Lippy, Hashawha; Carl D. Luksic, David W. Nelson, Public Safety; Robert J. Whitney, Farm Museum; Clifford L. Wiskeman, Performance Auditing.

10 years: Sandra Baber, Thomas S. Devilbiss, Catherine E. White, Planning; Darryl E. Brown, Edgar W. Gist, Roland S. Keyser, David C. Uhler, Utilities; Lara Campbell, Paul G. Garver, Olivia E. Schrodetzki, Aging; Douglas L. Carr, Worthington I. Washington, Sheriff's Services; Ronald A. Church, Martha C. Finnerty, Bruce R. Waldron, Development Review; Jean M. Cole, Mark Ripper, Information and Technology Services; Nancy J. David, Commissioners.

Also, William J. Dickinson, Francis J. Morrissey, David P. Reese Sr., Roads; William H. Dugan, State's Attorney; Scott E. Embrey, Steven E. Miller, Duane F. Stevens, Detention Center; James Michael Evans, Public Works; Victoria E. Fowler, Farm Museum; Nelson D. Freeman, Timothy R. Hare, Paul R. Haugan, Permits and Inspections.

Also, David A. Hardman, Douglas R. Murren, Buildings and Grounds; Gary L. Horst, Solid Waste; Coral L. Kipe, Human Resources; William F. Kreit, Carol Shook, retiree; Rodney C. Kuhns, Julene M. Sexton, Kenneth R. Siegman, Barbara Staub, Fleet Management; Barbara Jean Lages, Recreation; Richard M. Lamm, Traffic Control.

Also, C. Richard Lindsay, Building Construction; Vickey C. Ludwig, Public Safety; Marguerite R. MacPherson, Information and Communication Services; Virginia S. Martin, Economic Development; William T. Mooney, Sports Complex; Margaret H. Stoner, Courts; G. Elaine Seitzer, Piney Run.

15 years: Douglas W. Abbott, Lynda C. Giles, Jennings B. Martin, Detention Center; Norma H. Bair, Debra L. Burk, Howard S. Redman Jr., Public Safety; Clayton R. Black, Development Review; Jerry L. Carter Sr., Wayne L. Sherfey, Roads; Joseph Cornell, retiree; David L. Gist, Buildings and Grounds; Gregory A. Keller, Permits and Inspections; Mary M. Leppo, Hashawha; Karen L. Monroe, Design (engineering); Jolene G. Sullivan, Citizen Services.

20 years: John Bennett, Michael McElroy, Roads; Thomas L. Bowers, John R. Bowie, Nancy L. Cole, Buildings and Grounds; Deborah A. Brunner, Human Resources; Bobbie Erb, Courts; Maureen Flickinger, Purchasing; Penny Gist, Public Works; Ralph E. Green, Permits, Inspections and Review; Kenneth J. Hooper Jr., Northern Landfill Operations; Shawn D. Reese, Commissioners; Dorothy K. Smith, Enterprise and Recreation Services.

25 years: Lynette Brewer, Aging; Eugene Curfman, Comptroller; Richard S. Krebs, Survey (engineering); Max R. Kuznik, Roads; Ellwood H. Long, Barbara Ollis, Permits and Inspections; Paul F. Nolte Jr., Zona M. Peterson, Sheriff's Services; Kendall M. Stoner, Design (engineering); Gene O. Warrenfeltz, Inspection (engineering); Lorn L. Wetzel, Northern Landfill Operations; G. Michael Whitson, Buildings and Grounds.

30 years: William G. Bull Jr., Inspection (engineering); James D. Saylor, Public Safety.

Pub Date: 6/06/99

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