Going out for a movie

Critic's choice: Film

June 06, 1999|By ANN HORNADAY

School's not even out yet, and kids have already seen "The Phantom Menace" twice. Now they're squirming for something to do. Well, desperate parents, you're in luck. The landmark Bengies Drive-In Theatre, located at 3417 Eastern Blvd., has opened for one more summer. (The theater had closed last Halloween, when the owners put it up for sale.)

Pack the kids into the car and check out a movie -- tonight's double feature is "The Mummy" and "Patch Adams" -- the way it ought to be checked out in the summertime: Outside, with a breeze blowing through the car windows and a 1950s-style snack bar nearby. Think of it as the Camden Yards of the movie world. It will probably disappear by season's end, so use it before you lose it. For show times call 410-687-5627.

Pub Date: 06/06/99

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