Army-Navy in Baltimore

101st matchup: PSINet Stadium well serves college football classic, which will boost local economy.

June 05, 1999

IN BALTIMORE, when do blue and gray make green?

When the blue-coated midshipmen of the Naval Academy and the gray-clad cadets from West Point meet at the Army-Navy game on Dec. 20, 2000, at PSINet Stadium.

The classic college football game, whose return to Baltimore after a half-century seemed a long shot as recently as a year ago, could mean $15 million in economic spinoff. That was the impact of the game in Philadelphia, and there's no reason it can't be just as lucrative for Baltimore.

The Baltimore Ravens and Maryland Stadium Authority, which will share profits after the service academies receive their cut, lobbied hard to land the event.

Beyond the spectacle itself, the coup for Baltimore is a significant opportunity to show Olympic organizers the region's ability to stage a competition with a global audience. It helps fulfill the vision that the publicly financed PSINet Stadium would be put to use beyond 10 football Sundays a year, as it was for a rock concert last week. And it offers the striking edifice national exposure.

The Army-Navy game will return to Philadelphia in 2001 and 2002. City and Ravens officials hope a good experience here will earn a multi-year commitment after '02.

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