The prince has a point

June 03, 1999

Here is an excerpt of an editorial from the Daily Mail, London, that was published yesterday.

RARELY has a royal intervention in a national debate achieved such a telling effect. Yesterday's article by Prince Charles in the Mail, raising his concerns over genetically modified foods and crops, has not only aroused intense public interest, but also seems to have exposed tensions within the government itself.

While Environment Minister Michael Meacher appears almost to welcome the prince's comments, the response elsewhere is less than enthusiastic.

Indeed the official attitude was summed up by Prime Minister Tony Blair last week, when he accused the media of whipping up "hysteria" over the issue.

That is as may be, though this paper would strongly dispute the claim. But what is beyond doubt is that the prince's restrained and sober questions are anything but hysterical. Rather than attacking the media, the government would be better advised to answer the pertinent questions he posed.

Pub Date: 6/03/99

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