Columbia teen arrested and charged with carrying bombs, other weapons

Police officer stopped boy at 3: 20 a.m. along road


A 14-year-old Columbia boy was arrested and charged with carrying homemade bombs, a pellet gun and a knife in Harper's Choice yesterday, police said.

About 3: 20 a.m., police said, the youth was walking along Cedar Lane near Grand Banks Road when he was spotted carrying the devices by a police officer on routine patrol.

Officer Emily Hurley stopped the boy and found four beer bottles -- believed to be filled with gasoline -- that were taped together, police said. Each had a wick, police said.

Officer Hurley also took from the youth a pellet gun and a backpack that contained a knife, a lighter and a box of 250 pellets, police said.

"We strongly feel he was going to [inflict] some type of damage to something," said Sgt. Morris Carroll, a police spokesman. "We don't know if he had identified a target, yet."

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