Early sampling of the cost of crabs



I heard recently that a crab house was closed for a week because no crabs were available, which struck terror into my heart. So I randomly called several local seafood places to see if they had hard shells and how much they would cost.

It's not really fair to compare prices, because one crab house's mediums are another crab house's large. With that caveat, here's what I found out:

* A-1 Crab Haven (1600 Old Eastern Ave., Essex): mediums, $36 a dozen; larges, $48; jumbos, $60

* Bo Brooks (5415 Belair Road): mediums, $21; larges, $28

* Crab Shanty (3410 Plumtree Drive, Ellicott City): 6 1/2 inches, $42; 7 inches, $48

* Gunning's (7304 Parkway Drive, Hanover): mediums, $25; larges, $35; extra-larges, $45; jumbos, $65

* Schultz's (1732 Old Eastern Ave., Essex): small-mediums, $18; mediums, $21

Most of the places get their crabs from Louisiana and Texas this time of year; Schultz's come from North Carolina. Local crabs may be available in June, although if they aren't big enough, many seafood places continue to steam out-of-state crabs all summer.

Booming Bombay Grill

The Bombay Grill and its siblings, the Bombay Peacock Grill and Cafe Bombay, consistently give us some of the best Indian food in Baltimore and Columbia. Now folks in Frederick are able to feast on its curries and tandoori dishes. Recently a fourth location, Bombay Grill of Frederick, opened at 137 N. Market St.

Another Ram's Head

A second Ram's Head Tavern will be opening shortly -- probably the first week in July -- in Savage Mill. It will be called, not surprisingly, the Ram's Head Tavern at Savage Mill. The new place will carry the more than 140 beers found at its Annapolis location, but no beer will be brewed there. Look for the same historical feel to the dining room, says general manager Bill Kocan, the same eclectic American menu, and the sort of live music you'll find at the original tavern.


Random closings around the area: The Brookshire Rooftop Cafe in the Brookshire Hotel has turned into a dining room for hotel guests only. Ariana, the Mediterranean restaurant in Severna Park, has closed, as has the Turtle Bay Grill in Hunt Valley Mall and the Sun Luck Inn on Bel Air Road. No word on what the spaces will be used for next.

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Pub Date: 06/03/99

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