Another ambitious Clinton

June 02, 1999

Here is an excerpt of an editorial from the Irish Times, Dublin, that was published Thursday.

WHAT to do after a spell in the White House?

President Clinton, at only 54, will be way ahead of retirement age when his term ends in 2001. He had hinted that he and Hillary Clinton might find suitable postings in academia, but that was before independent counsel Kenneth Starr put him through the wringer.

Now, he will need to make serious money to pay his legal debts so his options are more limited. But the options open to Mrs. Clinton have widened and she is said to be "seriously interested" in running for the U.S. Senate from New York.

It would be a high profile position guaranteeing her much publicity were she to use it as Robert Kennedy did, making the camera lights shine into dark places of neglect. Mrs Clinton may be taking the long view. Could not the first woman senator from New York, should she prove successful, become eight years later the first successful woman candidate for the Oval Office?

Pub Date: 6/02/99

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