Mild or spicy, rice mixes are grand


June 02, 1999|By Joanne E. Morvay

* Item: Uncle Ben's rice mixes

* What you get: 3 servings

* Cost: About $1.40

* Preparation time: About 15 minutes on stove top

* Review: When I was growing up, Uncle Ben's rice was a staple in our house. So I was pleased to see that the company has updated some of its recipes, added additional flavors and, best of all, shortened cooking times. The new recipe for the Chicken & Broccoli rice offers broccoli flavor so pleasantly mild it might have converted George Bush. The Mexican Fiesta rice is spicier, though adventurous eaters may want to liven it up a bit more with salsa or chopped jalapeno pepper. The Oriental Fried Rice mix is good as is or can be made into a heartier meal with cooked meat, seafood or vegetables.

Pub Date: 06/02/99

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