" 'Lucy Comes to Stay' by Rosemary Wells is a wonderful...

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June 02, 1999

" 'Lucy Comes to Stay' by Rosemary Wells is a wonderful book because it has beautiful pictures. Lucy is a puppy. She is a bad puppy because she ate a pen. The pen was blue and the puppy's fur became blue! I liked the book because it has a cute puppy."

-- Amanda Patton

Villa Cresta Elementary

" 'Disney's Goof Troop: Great Egg-Spectations' by Janet Gilbert is my favorite book because it's about two pets, a duck and a dinosaur. Max saw a purple and pink egg. Inside the egg was a baby dinosaur. The baby dinosaur's name was Bubbles. Bubbles' favorite food was marshmallows."

-- David Lightsy

Leith Walk Elementary

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