Orthodox approach challenged

June 01, 1999

Here is an excerpt of an editorial from the Haaretz in Tel Aviv that was published Wednesday.

PRIME Minister-elect Ehud Barak's promise to change the face of the nation cannot be realized without making far-reaching changes in the educational system.

Public concern is largely focused on the expansion of the ultra-Orthodox educational systems, which are raising -- with government funds -- a generation that turns its back on the fundamental values of Israeli society.

The networks educate their students entirely by Jewish law, promoting theocracy and nurturing disdain for the rule of law in the state that nourishes them.

A central core of improved curricula must be the common ground for all teaching institutions in the country. It can no longer be acceptable for the schools of the ultra-Orthodox to refuse to give instruction in entire branches of knowledge and to ban the hiring of nonreligious teachers.

Pub Date: 6/01/99

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