Intel dads wise up parents about PCs


LOS ANGELES -- Two Intel senior managers have recently come out with a book -- "The PC Dads Guide to Becoming a Computer-Smart Parent" (DTP Trade Paperbacks; $13.95) -- that may prove useful to parents worried about what their children are doing on the computer.

Of course, the 311-page book can be encapsulated by the sage advice on Page 118: "You have time to spend together with your child. Avoid the temptation to use the computer as an electronic babysitter. Instead, make it a partnership affair, something you both share and enjoy. We call this shoulder-to-shoulder learning."

The book also offers topics such as "Raising a Computer-Smart Daughter" and "Boys, Game Addiction and Violent Software," and appendixes with suggestions for child-friendly Web sites and nonviolent popular games (such as the sainted SimCity and many high-adrenaline racing titles).

Check out their Web site, at

Pub Date: 5/31/99

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