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It used to be when I would load Word 97, the entire screen would be filled. Suddenly, the program would load and fill only half the screen. I could use the "restore" icon to fill the screen, but I'd rather have it default to the full- screen mode.

Word 97 is among the thousands of programs that reopen in whatever configuration they are closed. In your case, the main Word program is coming up half-screen because the last time you closed it, the setting was at half-screen. Your solution is to open Word; click the box in the upper-right-hand corner to order full-screen display; click the X next to the full screen box to close the program. The next time you open Word it will be full-screen.

Why doesn't Outlook Express have spell check?

Microsoft wants you to pay to upgrade from that free program to Outlook 98 or Outlook 2000.

Is there any way to be notified on your desktop that you have received e-mail when using AOL without having to log on to AOL, or keep it on all the time?

No. This should be considered a feature rather than a bug. For many of us, few things are harder on the nerves than having your computer ding every time mail has arrived when you're deep in thought.

I suspect that the great bulk of e-mail users disable the mail notification or mumble curses. I log on to AOL and check my mail there when I feel like it.

I am running Windows 98 and I inadvertently deleted some of my desktop themes. They are not in my recycle bin, and I have not been able to retrieve them. What are my options?

Those slick desktop themes that change the look and feel of the computer's display that you seem to like -- and that I happen to hate -- can be restored by inserting your Windows 98 CD-ROM and ordering the software to restore the operating system. This brings up a menu with check boxes for each and every component of Windows 98. All you need to do is uncheck all the boxes except the one under Multimedia for desktop themes.

If you're a hog for this kind of punishment, I suggest Plus 98, the $50 companion CD product from Microsoft that includes a wide variety of even more irksome desktop themes than the ones that come in the original disk.

I have a Hewlett Packard 722C printer and an HP5100c scanner and am trying to merge the two so I can do magazine-type layouts with text and photos. What kind of software would help me?

The software you seek sells under the heading of desktop publishing. I'd suggest you try Microsoft Publisher, which I consider to be the hands-down best home-oriented software for cobbling together text, photos and other graphics into newsletters, posters, fliers, restaurant menus, wall signs, greeting cards and such.

I would like to upgrade from Windows 95 to Windows 98. I have a Hewlett Packard Pavilion with 166 Mhz. When I went to buy the software, the salesman said that he would not advise updating because of problems with the software. What do you advise?

I advise getting another salesman and getting that upgrade for your 166 Mhz machine. While it is true that Windows 98 bogs down on underpowered machines, the one you own is well over the minimum and you'll be delighted with the new features the change will bring.

Pub Date: 05/31/99

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