Adjustable Exo Desk fits its users without taking up much...


May 31, 1999

Adjustable Exo Desk fits its users without taking up much space

Let's face it, computers and the Internet have been good for many things in our lives, but our bodies aren't among them. We work online, communicate through e-mail and enjoy recreation on our PCs, chaining us to a desk -- often a poorly designed one.

Plenty of ergonomic desks are out there, but you won't find one more stylish than the Biomorph Exo Desk ($695-$795). The Exo Desk is designed with the home office in mind. It's compact, taking up a 4-foot-by-4-foot space, but has ample surface area for a large monitor (up to 21-inch), speakers, keyboard and mouse. The surfaces are bilevel and independently adjustable so you can get the combination of overall height, monitor height and keyboard height that's right for you.

The cutting-edge design is well thought out. The Exo Desk is made of top quality material; its heavy-duty charcoal-gray steel frame rests on lockable casters so you can move the desk and get behind it to add or remove equipment. The surfaces of the $695 model are made of a high-density fiberboard covered with a semimatte, non-glare finish. The $795 model has a maple veneer.

The Exo Desk comes with built-in wire-management channels, so your beautiful furniture won't be sullied by cable glut. For $70 more, you get a CPU cart on casters to store under the desk. Many other accessories are available.

One of the great things about Biomorph desks is that they work well as stand-alone units or pieces of work clusters. Four Exo Desks can be pushed together, almost puzzle-like, to form a four-person work station.

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-- Gareth Branwyn

Stylish flat-panel speakers provide fine 3-D sound

Several flat-panel speaker systems are on the market, but most sound as flat as they look. Not so with Sonigistix's Monsoon MM-1000 speakers ($229), which offer 21st-century style and high-definition sound that can hold its own against any mid-priced speaker system.

The Monsoon is a three-speaker system, with two 12.5-watt, sliver-thin satellite speakers that sit on your desktop and a 25-watt subwoofer that goes under your desk.

The Monsoon system uses a patented sound technology that directs sound forward and backward from the speakers.

This helps reduce undesirable sound reflection from your desktop, the monitor and other surfaces. The result is a 3-D audio effect -- at least if you're sitting in the "sweet spot" in front of the monitor.

One of the more curious features on the Monsoon speakers is the foot switch on the subwoofer that allows you to adjust volume and to mute the speakers. It's a shame that the controls had to move from the satellite speakers to the subwoofer, but it was necessary to get the electronics off the tiny satellites. Some flat-panel speakers get around this by having a special control unit that sits on your desktop.

Given the sound of these systems, I'll take the foot switch.

Information: 877-722-8346 or

-- Gareth Branwyn

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Pub Date: 05/31/99

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