An artful breed of beadsNot so long ago, beads got no...


May 30, 1999

An artful breed of beads

Not so long ago, beads got no respect. They were the tacky decoration on moccasins bought at a souvenir stand, or something for children to fool with in crafts class.

But art and fashion are omnivorous in their hunt for new ways to express inspiration, and now the once-lowly bead is used to make jewelry and art of a high caliber -- some of which is on display in a five-person show at OXOXO Gallery, 1617 Sulgrave Ave., in Mount Washington.

The most exuberant work in the show belongs to Baltimorean Joyce Scott. Her neckpieces all display her magical gift for getting specks of glass to coalesce into forms that seem to be growing and evolving under your very eyes. Axel Russmeyer's approach is more covertly revolutionary. At first glance, his necklaces appear to be strings of fat little balls (above); at second glance, you see that each little ball is densely beaded so color plays in unexpected ways across its knobby surface.

Mary Kanda's pave pieces suggest the sand paintings and sun-washed colors of the Southwest, while Flora Book's work confines itself to the cool beauty of silver.

Karen Paust makes insects and plants out of the tiniest beads. The delicate beauty of her luna moth brooch should win a medal from Mother Nature, and her praying mantis could reconcile even a die-hard bug-hater to the world of insects.

Prices range from $150 to $5,000. The gallery is closed Sunday and Monday, and the show continues only through June 3.

By A.M. Chaplin

Sun Staff

Spa experience without going to the spa

Once, body and bath care products simply got you clean and moisturized your skin. But the newest luxury soaps and body lotions provide a mini-spa experience, with aromatherapy, anti-oxidants, botanicals, tension relievers and circulation stimulaters all part of the package.

Case in point: Thymes Limited's new Fig Leaf & Cassis line, fashioned from Mediterranean flowers, herbs and oils. The products' fresh fragrance and elegant packaging help make them a wonderfully pampering gift, if only to yourself.

The body and bath care line includes cologne ($27), body lotion ($18), milk bath ($17), soap ($15), and body wash ($12.50). Call 800-661-8850 to request a catalog or to find out where Thymes Limited products are sold near you. -- Elizabeth Large

Raising funds to benefit cancer research

From now until April 2000, Sebastian International will donate 100 percent of its profits from the sale of Berry Bazaar, a new Trucco Divinyls lip gloss, to the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund, a non- profit organization dedicated to the research of preventive, diagnostic and treatment programs for ovarian cancer.

The product was developed with the help of the late Elizabeth Tilberis (left), editor-in-chief of Harper's Bazaar magazine, who died recently after battling ovarian cancer. The name and color of the product -- an iridescent rose-mauve -- was selected by Tilberis.

Suggested retail price is $8. For more information or for salon locations, call 800-873-9569.

-- Associated Press

Take it from Buffy

Starting July 1, actress Sarah Michelle Gellar (left) will represent Maybelline and its new Express Makeup 3 in 1, a combination foundation, concealer and powder. Gellar will be featured in a national print and TV advertising campaign.

Gellar, 22, star of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer," joins Christy Turlington and Tomiko Fraser as "spokes- models" for the company. -- Associated Press

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