Name your rose - for $75,000

May 30, 1999|By Robert Smaus | Robert Smaus,Los Angeles Times

Now you can name a rose after a friend or loved one -- even your city or company. I don't mean you simply start calling a rose Joe or Jane; you can name a new introduction from Jackson & Perkins, one of this country's largest rose producers.

You can choose any name that is not already registered for roses. The only limitation is good taste, according to Jackson & Perkins. All you have to do is come up with $75,000. From then on, the introduction will be known as "Tom Smith" or "Tom's Tuna Cannery" or whatever you choose.

For their money, the buyers will also get two nights in a five-star Los Angeles hotel, gourmet meals while in the area, and a trip via limousine to the Jackson & Perkins research facility near Camarillo, Calif., where they will choose their rose. The buyer also gets 300 of the new flowers and a case of Dom Perignon champagne.

For more information, call Jackson & Perkins at 888-476-7673.

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