75 years ago: A dramatic debate will be held June 4 in...


May 30, 1999|By Compiled from the archives of the Historical Society of Carroll County.

75 years ago: A dramatic debate will be held June 4 in Centenary M.E. Church. The subject will be on the "Wet and dry question: Can the law be enforced?" Every one is interested in this question and wants to hear the arguments on both sides. -- Democratic Advocate, May 30, 1924.

100 years ago: Frank Ryan is the most sought-after man by tax collectors perhaps in the state. His land lies in four counties, though his residence is in Carroll. On his property is Parrs Spring, where the four counties join. He can put one foot in Frederick County and one in Montgomery, then bend down with one hand in Carroll and the other in Howard, and drink water from a spring where the four counties unite. -- Democratic Advocate, May 20, 1899.

Pub Date: 5/30/99

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