Senior center offers computer class, knitting needles


May 28, 1999|By Lourdes Sullivan | Lourdes Sullivan,SPECIAL TO THE SUN

STOPPING BY THE Savage Senior Center these days is an experience in variety. There are seniors participating in traditional activities, such as knitting, and others signed on to the Internet.

For those of us who remember watching ballgames and sitcoms in our imaginations while listening to the radio, the advent of the computer age didn't come as a surprise.

Well, not much of one. With the demands of work and raising a family, and then retirement, being on the cutting edge of technological development was not the highest priority for us.

It is embarrassing not to understand what the children and grandchildren are talking about. Remembering punch cards doesn't get much respect.

The Savage Senior Center and the PC Seniors of Howard County have a solution. They are offering classes in personal computers and the Internet for seniors at reasonable rates: $15 for three classes.

Additional lessons cost $8.

For the past three days, volunteer Vic McGonegal has been teaching Introduction to PCs with Windows to a class of four women in the Savage center's special activities room.

The bearded retiree is patient and calm, marks of a good teacher. Each student has a computer to work on.

Classes last for three mornings and are small. There is still space on June 9, 10 and 11, and in the July 21-23 series.

The teacher will cover word processing, spreadsheets and databases, too, if students are interested.

If you remember when television, color television, big computers, hand-held calculators and PCs made their debut, these classes are for you.

You can impress the grandchildren and astound your kids.

Call Edith Bennett at 410-880-5915.

Speaking of knitting, a dedicated group of seniors at the Savage center is knitting lap robes for nursing home residents and shut-ins.

Their fingers fairly fly with the knitting needles -- so fast, in fact, that running out of wool is a problem.

Anyone with leftover wool from an unfinished afghan or sweater project is urged to call the center at 410-880-5915 to arrange a donation.

The knitters will pick up the wool.

Bragging rights

Cindy Pettit, a Gorman Crossing Elementary School parent, wrote to brag about the school band's spring concert last week.

Gorman Crossing is the newest school in our area. This is its first year, so the concert reflects a great deal of work by parents, pupils and staff members, many of whom were unknown to each other a year ago.

The school's excellent music teachers have given the children a running start. Ron Bowman, the instrumental director, led Hammond High's students to prize-winning status during his years there.

Bowman congratulated the band and chorus on the progress they have made since the winter concert.

Choir director Matt McCoy, assisted by accompanist David Foley, led the chorus. McCoy announced that Foley will begin student-teaching at Gorman Crossing next year.

By then, he will be an old hand at the school.

The advanced band played a crowd-pleasing piece -- "The Tempest," by Robert Smith -- and two other selections.

Congratulations on a job well done to the more than 75 young performers and their teachers.

Spreading the word

Countryside Fellowship Church on Baltimore Street in Savage has found a new way to spread the word of God: Members are handing it out to neighbors.

Anyone whose King James version of the Bible has not been opened in years can receive a more modern translation from the church free of charge.

Call 301-498-2125.

Library tales

The Howard County library is a resource for all of us.

Every year, the hard-working denizens of the stacks find better ways to ferret out information for the public. In recent years, they've gone online, held summer reading programs and planned a veritable rainbow of activities.

It's hard to keep up with all the new offerings.

Now the children's staff is targeting day care providers.

The library is offering a visiting storyteller service, with a storyteller who visits day care homes on a regular schedule to read to the children.

Details about the program and other services -- including toys available for checkout, video collections, books on early childhood education -- will be discussed at the Savage library from 10 a.m. to 12: 30 p.m. June 19.

Registration, which is required, begins June 5.

For information, call Susan Morris at 410-313-7783.

Pub Date: 5/28/99

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