Toll collecting using new system starts at 3 sites


Commuters who subscribe to Maryland's new MTAG electronic toll system were using their own lanes yesterday, a step that should help alleviate rush-hour tie-ups at three toll plazas.

The Maryland Transportation Authority dedicated one lane to MTAG customers at each of three sites: the Fort McHenry Tunnel, Baltimore Harbor Tunnel and Key Bridge.

Motorists who use the system receive a plastic transponder that is attached to the windshield and allows them to drive through the toll plaza without stopping. A computer picks up the transponder signal and deducts the toll electronically from the driver's prepaid account as the car passes through the tollgate.

State officials say the MTAG lanes will be able to handle 1,100 vehicles an hour, compared with about 500 for traditional toll lanes where customers have to stop and pay.

Pub Date: 5/26/99

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