Meet Steve Yzerman

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Sports Illustrated for KIDS Weekly

May 26, 1999

Steve Yzerman [EYE-zer-man] is the captain of the Detroit Red Wings. He's the guy they look to when they need a clutch goal. He ranks among the NHL's Top 10 all-time scorers.

Steve, age 33, led the Red Wings to Stanley Cup wins in 1997 and 1998.

Steve loves to spend time with his wife and two kids. He often pushes his baby daughter around the arena in a stroller after home games.


If you added the weight of every player on an NFL team, what would be the total?

Stefan N., 10 Columbia, Missouri

The average NFL team weighs as much as an elephant: 12,826 pounds! The average NFL player weighs 242 pounds, and each team has 53 players (242 x 53 = 12,826)

Offensive tackle Korey Stringer is the league's heaviest player. The 6' 4" Korey weighs 359 pounds!


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