Games to make the time go


May 26, 1999

"Are we there yet?"

Playing games in the car can make long trips pass more quickly and short trips more enjoyable. Reading games provide the added benefit of improving language and literacy skills. Here are some of our family's favorites; there are numerous vairations to each.

Build Stories

One person begins a story and stops at a crucial point, allowing the next person to continue. The one who ends it says, "The End."

I Spy

The first player finds an object out the car window. It must be something common and easy to spot. The player says, "I spy something ..." and gives a clue as to what the object is. Each object starts out with a value of five points. Deduct one point for each additional clue given. If someone guesses the object on the first clue, that person gets five points. If it takes two clues, the person gets four points, and so on. It's easy to keep track of the points for each question by using the fingers on one hand. One player also keeps score.

-- Susan Rapp Village Reading Center

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