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May 26, 1999|By Randi Kest

Parents are always looking for sources of inspiration for their children, as well as tools to keep them motivated. Great Aspirations! -- an Internet company dedicated to helping parents raise inspired, self-confident children -- offers parenthood ideas and a weekly column written by two fathers at its Web site:

With cartoon mascot Ziggy leading the way, Great Inspirations! outlines "belonging," "excitement," "accomplishment" and "leadership" as the core principles helpful in reaching goals. In the Great Parenting Ideas! section, ways to encourage these characteristics are offered and the weekly "Two Dads" column gives a father's witty perspective on inspiring children.

Great Aspirations! was founded by Doug Hall, CEO of Richard Saunders International's Eureka! Ranch, and was inspired by the University of Maine's National Center of Student Aspirations. It is designed to help increase a child's motivation to learn and achieve.

This Web site was launched April 11 and to celebrate, a Great Aspirations! crew traveled to the North Pole on foot, dogsleds and cross-country skis. Stories, information and activities from their journey can still be activated at the site.

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