For decent retirement, you'll need 401(k), IRA and then some

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May 26, 1999|By Julius Westheimer

HOW MUCH MONEY will you need for a comfortable retirement? "More than you think," says financial adviser David Foster. "Surprisingly, if you're in your 30s or 40s, your 401 (k) plan could threaten your financial future.

"Reason: complacency. Most people feel they can retire in high style if they save $10,000 a year in their retirement plans.

"Wrong. You must save more than you've been saving -- outside of your 401(k) and IRA -- and for a longer time period. The number of years you must save for retirement while you're working must equal the number of years you plan to spend in retirement."

BULLS & BEARS: "Industry rankings confirm our bullish stand. Top-to-bottom, rankings radiate picture of positive insider sentiment." (Insider's Chronicle, Barron's)

"Sooner or later this bull market will end -- but it doesn't appear to have ended yet." (Gerald Appel's Forecasts)

"Current `blowoff' advance resembles those leading to 1929 and 1987 pre-crash peaks. At 36 P/E, valuations are far beyond those highs." (Hussman Econometrics)

"This is an ideal time to `short' hi-tech stocks. Investors will soon realize how overvalued some are." (Safe Money Report)

Pub Date: 5/26/99

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