Be a 4Kids Detective

Just for kids

May 25, 1999

When you know the answers to these questions, go to

In 1903, what's the farthest any plane had flown?

Which type of ball is used in Street Ball?

Can you remember what two things make a droodle? (Go to to find out.)


At the young age of 25, Charles Lindbergh was the toast of the world after becoming the first person to fly across the Atlantic. At PBS' American Experience Web site dedicated to Lindbergh, you'll discover a fascinating world of aviation and adventure. Jump into the cockpit with this American hero at You'll love the interactive version of the trans-Atlantic flight, complete with maps and minute-by-minute information. Milestones in Aviation Timeline will bring you back to the heyday of Orville and Wilbur Wright in the early 1900s right up to such major events as Amelia Earhart's historic solo flight across the Atlantic Ocean during 1932. Don't forget to check out special features on Lindbergh's daredevil antics and his legendary Spirit of St. Louis.


From New York City to small towns coast-to-coast, kids have long loved playing street games after school. At The Games We Used to Play, you'll hang out with friends from all over, strutting your stuff in games like Kick the Can, Stoopball and Skulley. Bring a rubber ball and plenty of energy to http://www. and meet the urban legends in your neighborhood. The rules are simple, but the competition can be stiff! Read about players discussing the best playgrounds, the coolest wall games, boxball, and the rising sport of handball. You could have the time of your life.

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