Starsia `above reproach'As chair of the NCAA men's...


May 23, 1999

Starsia `above reproach'

As chair of the NCAA men's lacrosse committee, I want to respond to comments made in Jamison Hensley's lacrosse notebook in The Sun on May 12 about University of Virginia coach Dom Starsia.

As someone who has been involved in intercollegiate athletics for over 30 years, I have never met a more principled, ethical and honest person than Coach Starsia. His integrity and credibility are above reproach.

While reasonable people can and should disagree on selections and seedings, there was no attempt to manipulate the process. The committee decisions were honest ones based on its best judgment. To imply anything else is simply not true.

Disagreeing is one thing; to attack someone's character is another. In this case it is without merit and unjust.

Joe Boylan, Bel Air

The writer is director of athletics at Loyola College.

Trade Mussina? Ridiculous

For all the ridiculous things that Sun columnist Ken Rosenthal has suggested over the years, nothing was more ridiculous or insulting than his suggestion that the Orioles should entertain offers for Mike Mussina. Haven't they learned?

You build around a quality pitcher like Mussina. There are about 10 quality No. 1 starters in baseball and Mussina is one of them. And Rosenthal wants to trade him?

What the O's need, Mr. Rosenthal, is more Mussinas, not fewer.

To suggest that we should trade Mussina to the Indians for Richie Sexson and a couple other nobody prospects is beyond laughable. It's insulting. So insulting, that I will never read the Sun sports section again.

David Pinder, Baltimore

Jockeys avoid tragedy

I was in attendance at Pimlico on May 15 when Lee Ferrell ran onto the track during the seventh race. As the insurance agent for racetracks all over the country (I do not insure Pimlico, however), and in the industry for more than 25 years, I know all too well what tremendous tragedy was avoided by the jockeys' skilled riding.

It is my hope that the man is charged to the fullest extent of the law for his acts. I suggest attempted murder. If the prosecutors have any question, I will be glad to send them film of what can happen when a jockey is thrown from a racehorse and, moreover, what can happen when a jockey in the lead is thrown and then trampled by thousands of pounds of horse coming up from behind.

It was no less reckless than if he had taken a loaded gun and shot it into a crowd of people and was lucky that no one was hit.

My hat is off to the jockeys' skill in dealing with this incident and I hope the endangerment to their lives is seriously weighed when all the charges are filed.

Raymond A. Jones, Coral Gables, Fla.

More baseball is better

In a letter last Sunday, Jorge Angulo of Baltimore complained that coverage of the NBA and college football is minimized in The Sun. Well, I'm coming from the opposite direction. I love baseball and am very happy to see so much of it in The Sun.

Before moving to the Baltimore area five years ago, I lived in North Carolina. In the newspapers down there, I had to dig into the third or fourth pages of the sports section to find any baseball tidbits. There are no major-league baseball teams in North Carolina and college basketball and NASCAR are king.

I'm not big into college basketball or NASCAR, so it was a little frustrating, but I understand why newspapers there prioritized as they did.

Big sports around here include baseball, pro football and, to lesser extents, college basketball, horse racing and lacrosse. I'm still a little frustrated reading The Sun because I love hockey. But let's face it, there's little interest in that sport around here, so why should The Sun devote major space to it?

Rob Thaler, Pikesville

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