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May 23, 1999

Accessorizing with Kathleen Cates

Funky and feminine, the Accessory Shop mixes the best of-the-moment tastes with bites of Big- Apple flair. Former New Yorker Kathleen Cates (right) is the style alchemist behind the new Fells Point boutique where butterfly clips and BCBG share the shelves.

The shop's decor -- antique mirrors, Grecian columns and more acquisitions from Cates' European outings -- lend her modern inventory a touch of Old World class. The price tags go from easy to extravagant. Pick up a pair of seashell clips for $2, or one of Cates' original jewelry pieces, like a necklace with twisted strands of amber beads, for around $2,000. Trendy items -- from taffy-colored bra-strap headbands to Hard Candy nail polish -- are likely to make schoolgirls swoon.

But it's not all kid stuff. Elegant straw hats and scarves are garden-party-perfect. Delicious BCBG slides in mango and lime are fabulous foot confections. And a Lucite handbag is a millennial must-have.

Cates, who has been a buyer at Bergdorf Goodman and Macy's, was going to open her shop in Soho. But when she came to Baltimore last year for her mother's heart surgery, she decided to relocate. After all, she could lead a much more lush life in Charm City than in her pricey home.

Tamara Ikenberg: SUN STAFF

How Sui it is

Fashion designer Anna Sui's new fragrance is a modern meld of East and West, with floral, powdery and fruit accents. The bottle is based on the Victorian style of furniture that has become the fashion designer's trademark.

Sui is also launching a collection of lipsticks, nail polish, eye shadows and more. The products are scented with tea rose, one of her favorite flowers. The cosmetics' powder puffs, the fragrance, and the packaging for the fragrance are purple, one of her favorite colors.

Fragrance prices range from $35 to $145. Cosmetics range from $13 to $35. They are available at Nordstrom.

-- Associated Press

Mothering mom's skin

Looking for the perfect gift to pamper an expectant or new mother?

Mothers 2 be is a new line of pregnancy skin- and body-care products safe for both mother and child. They are designed to help soothe, protect and heal women's skin and ease some of the less-than-glorious side effects of pregnancy, including swelling, back pain and stretch marks. Products like Calm (itchy-belly cream), Restore (breast-nourishing cream) and Balance (dual balancing facial moisturizer) contain "milk lipids and lactoferrin, a natural component also found in mother's milk."

Products range from $18.50 to $32.50. They are available by calling 877-SARAHJS.

-- Jenn Williams

Second time around

If at first you don't succeed, bride, bride again.

Billing itself as "the only magazine designed for encore brides," Bride Again reminds us that we've come a long way, baby, from the days when marriage meant forever and divorce was an embarrassment.

The magazine is aimed at women between age 30 and 45 who have already been married and yet are bravely returning to the altar. Founder Beth Reed Ramirez, who lives in Anaheim, Calif., had her publishing brainstorm when she began to plan her own second wedding and couldn't find what she needed in existing bridal magazines.

"I discovered, much to my dismay, that they offered very little for the soon-to-be-40, not- a-size-6 encore bride like me," she writes in her magazine's opening essay.

Bride Again has photos of ladies in white and stories on fashion and beauty. But it also delves into etiquette, finance and legal issues. Can an encore bride-to-be have a shower if she had one for her first wedding? (Yes, says BA, but don't expect gifts from guests who were there the first time around.)

The premiere issue is on newsstands now.

-- Dallas Morning News

Pub Date: 05/23/99

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