"The 'Rugrats' series is mysteries that babies solve...

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May 23, 1999

"The 'Rugrats' series is mysteries that babies solve. Tommy is the leader, and there are three other babies -- Phil, Lil and Chucky. These are my favorite books because the mysteries they solve are silly. Once, Tommy thought his dog Spike was a deer because sticks got stuck on top of his head and looked like antlers. The Rugrats followed Spike around until the sticks fell off. Then they knew that he was a dog."

-- Jasmine Brooks

Marley Elementary

" 'Jace the Ace' by Joanne Rocklin is a book about a boy named Jason Caputo, who loves cameras and taking photographs. He moves to Los Angeles with his family and does not have any friends. When Jason starts school, he tries to impress everyone by saying he is a junior photojournalist called 'Jace the Ace' who is after a spy. Jace learns it is not a good idea to pretend to be someone you are not."

-- Park Roberts

St. Paul's School

" 'Hattie's Secret Adventures' by Marie Frost is the fourth book in the Hattie collection. Hattie Hart is a 9-year-old girl growing up on a farm in the 1920s. Hattie is a very mischievous girl. My favorite part of this book is when Hattie and her brothers and sisters went up to the attic to look for things to play store with. Although her mother warned her not to look in her trunk, Hattie couldn't resist. I recommend this book to girls ages 6 to 10 because it teaches children to obey their parents."

-- Jennifer Sadowski


Pub Date: 05/23/99

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