150 years ago in The Sun May 30: The Western Cemetery...


May 22, 1999|By Frederick N. Rasmussen

150 years ago in The Sun May 30: The Western Cemetery -- We paid a visit two or three days ago to the grounds recently purchased by the Baltimore city station of the Methodist Episcopal Church, for the purposes of a cemetery. It is a beautiful spot, the former country residence of Mr. Edward Patterson.

100 years ago in The Sun May 26: The Maryland Brewing Company has issued orders which will stop the brewing of beer at the breweries of the old Oriental Brewing Company, Highlandtown, and the old Baltimore Brewing Company, West Baltimore, which were among those absorbed by the Maryland Company.

50 years ago in The Sun May 29: Washington, May 28 (AP) -- President Truman cruised on the yacht Williamsburg toward Patuxent, Md., in lower Chesapeake Bay, today after an early-morning departure from Blakistone Island in the Potomac River.

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