Analysts list `most loved' and `most hated' stocks

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May 21, 1999|By Julius Westheimer

WHAT STOCKS should you buy -- and why?

WALLFLOWERS: "With valuations high, look for unpopular stocks with stories not generally understood," says Robert Salomon Jr., money manager. "Buy only reasonably valued companies with improving prospects like Xerox Corp., Masco Corp., Tyco International and AT&T."

LOVE IN BLOOM: These stocks are listed under "Most-Loved Stocks: Compilation of Analysts' Opinions," in Bloomberg's Personal Finance magazine: Omnicom Group Inc., Masco Corp., Honeywell Inc., Medtronic Inc., America Online Inc., Tellabs Inc., Safeway Inc. and Fannie Mae.

NO LOVE LOST: These are listed in the same magazine under "Analysts' Most-Hated Stocks": Wrigley Wm. Jr. Co., Eastman Chemical Co., Stanley Works, J. C. Penney Inc., Dow Chemical Co., Union Carbide Corp. and Fruit of the Loom Inc.

HAVENS: "As stocks become more volatile, tax-free municipal bonds become more important to balance your portfolio. Interest is free from federal tax and may also be free from state and local taxes." (Lee Rosenberg, financial planner)

CHEERFUL NOTE: "We all know reasons to be skeptical: Stocks way overvalued; investors fear inflation; day traders cause volatility; Robert Rubin resigned. But most Wall Street economists tell us something different -- 1999 earnings will be bright indeed! Any surprise will be on the upside." (Cabot Market Letter)

TAKE YOUR CHOICE: "Whiff of inflation won't derail the bull market unless the Fed raises interest rates several times." (Canelo's Stratagems)

"By 2004, the 1999-? bear market, which went from current levels to perhaps as low as Dow 6,000, will probably be over." (Turov on Timing)

"There are very few reasons left for not being heavily invested in stocks." (Lowry's Market Analysis)

"Despite the Warren Buffett-inspired rally, many REITS [real estate investment trusts] are cheap these days. Look for a combination of growth and yield." (Forbes, May 31)

Pub Date: 5/21/99

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