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May 17, 1999|By Patricia Chargot

Should domestic cats, the kind people have as pets, be allowed to hunt?

The Yak had never thought about that question -- until he learned about "Cats Indoors," a national campaign to protect birds and cats sponsored by American Bird Conservancy in Washington, D.C.

Their message: Keep your cats indoors.

Why? Because pet cats will kill birds, small mammals and other wildlife if you let them go outdoors.

Consider this: Cats that roam outdoors are at great danger of being killed -- by cars and larger wild animals, such as raccoons, coyotes and foxes. They can also pick up many fatal diseases, including rabies, and parasites, such as worms and fleas.

For more information, contact the campaign at (202) 778-9666 or visit its Web site: www.abcbirds.org

Tips for happy indoor cats

Kittens that are kept indoors usually show no desire to go outside as adult cats. With patience and care, most cats who roam outdoors can be turned into happy indoor pets. This will help:

Cats are creatures of habit, so be careful to slowly replace your cat's routine of going outside with the new routine of staying in.

Provide a safe enclosure outdoors, such as a screened-in porch.

Play with your cat each day. Paper bags and cardboard boxes can be sources of fun play when you are away.

Clean litter boxes regularly.

Pub Date: 05/17/99

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