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When I walk away from my laptop for a bit, the energy saver screen saver goes blank and nothing will bring it back. I have to unplug the unit and pull the battery out to restart. Am I the only one?

You are far from alone. The Energy Star software built into Windows 98 is so prone to this glitch that many manufacturers have added software that advises users to switch the energy saver feature off if shutdown problems keep happening. Right-click with the cursor on the desktop and choose Properties. Then pick Screen Savers and remove the two checkmarks for setting shutdown waiting time in the Energy Star box.

Our Macintosh Performa 6320CD has shifted the screen (or is it desktop?) so that about one-fifth of the left side is black. We have to shift back and forth horizontally to read messages and to find the scroll arrows. We returned the computer to Apple and when it came back, it happened again. Furthermore, the Finder and other icons listed on the upper right of the screen never appear. The machine is 2 years old.

You could have a monitor problem, but I'll bet you just need to perform a little-known but often essential bit of Mac maintenance known as rebuilding the desktop. You order the machine to re-create the file that the Macintosh operating system uses to keep track of all of the icons, documents, applications and system settings on each machine.

Use the Shut Down command to turn off your machine. Then hit the On button and hold down the Apple + Option keys until you get a prompt asking you to confirm that you want to rebuild the desktop.

Pub Date: 05/17/99

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