Sports pages found lackingFour years ago when I moved to...


May 16, 1999

Sports pages found lacking

Four years ago when I moved to Baltimore I looked forward to getting my sports news from The Sun. I assumed that in a large, northeastern city, the sports page would be complete and comprehensive. What I've found is ridiculous.

Maybe it is because I follow the NBA and college football. All I get from The Sun are footnotes on college football or attempts to slam the NBA.

Maybe if Baltimore didn't have that embarrassment of an arena, it might land an NBA franchise. Or, maybe if Maryland wasn't a perennial college football disgrace, someone would bother to report on college football.

Jorge Angulo


Keyser, Klingaman hit stride

I want to compliment Tom Keyser and Mike Klingaman on two wonderful articles last Sunday. Keyser summed up a great Pimlico Special while touching upon what makes Free House so special to the public.

Klingaman's article on Spectacular Bid was terrific. I had the opportunity to visit "The Bid" in September, and Klingaman's writing brought back wonderful memories.

Thanks for the continued high level of turf writing. It's the best in the business.

Linda Partridge

Stafford, Va.

Retire No. 7? Absolutely

Nobody loved baseball more than him. Nobody loved the Orioles more than him. Nobody represented the Orioles better than Cal Ripken Sr.

Sixteen years ago, the Cal Ripken Baseball School was born. Rip wrote an instruction book for the instructors in his school. It should be called the "Baseball Bible." It goes back to basics and is for anyone who wants to learn or teach baseball or just appreciates the game of baseball.

Please retire No. 7.

Jim Gilbert


Note: The writer is an Orioles scout.

It's time to let Belle be

Enough of the attacks on Albert Belle. Leave the guy alone.

Sun writer Peter Schmuck admits that Belle has been mistreated, but says it's Belle's fault because he didn't turn this to his advantage. How he could do this is a mystery called spin.

Nothing Belle can do will stop The Sun from dumping on him whenever it gets a chance. Just look at whom The Sun chose as its picture boy in the Perspective section last Sunday for its article on the failure of the Orioles to live up to their tradition. Why him?

Frank Sinek


Fix the pitching staff

There's a clamor among fans to fix the Orioles by removing manager Ray Miller. But what about the terrible performance by the pitching staff? How many star pitchers have been traded away by the Orioles' management?

Paul Richards, who managed the early Orioles and built a successful team, said that pitching and defense were the way to winning.

It is time for the Orioles' management to focus on building a first-rate pitching staff by whatever means -- purchase, trade or development through the farm system.

Charles Summers


`National Boring Association'

The NBA ought to be ashamed of itself and its fans have to be idiots. The National Boring Association has reached an all-time low and people are still going to these games in droves and paying through the nose for tickets.

How can a person get excited watching a men's professional game with a score of 78-69? When the league had a modicum of class, scoring below 100 points translated into a certain loss. Nowadays, 80 points wins games and, amazingly, that's with a three-point shot.

The only excitement generated recently by this league was the lengthy lockout. There, we got to see the true makeup of an NBA player: disgustingly arrogant, self-important and greedy. Unfortunately, that labor dispute was settled and once again the viewing public must endure one insufferable game after another.

Morton D. Marcus


Unitas deserves his due

John Steadman's column last Sunday ["On `Golden Arm,' NFL needs to check its heart"], should have read, "NFL needs to send check to Unitas."

The owners of NFL teams need only to raid their petty cash funds to come up with an appropriate sum to show their appreciation of Unitas, who put professional football on the map.

B. J. Small


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