Bold, bright and youngIt's hard to miss the eye-stopping...


May 16, 1999

Bold, bright and young

It's hard to miss the eye-stopping colors and styles of kids' clothes for spring and summer. Young girls' clothing aisles are spattered with the pinkest of pinks, opulent oranges, vibrant violets and brilliant blues. Lime green is currently the No. 1 color choice, store owners report.

But just because the colors are bold and bright doesn't detract from the cute, playful looks many parents still want in young girls' clothing. Frilly lace, floral prints, fashionable embroideries and even bloomers dress up fashions.

For active girls, look for dresses with matching bike shorts. One-piece jumpers made from lightweight material, such as cotton seersucker, are a popular standby. For a more dressy look, there are A-line cotton-knit dresses.

Boys are getting ready for summer with cargo pants and shorts in khaki and other trendy colors. Look for shirts with stripes or golf motifs, as well as overall shorts and pants. Olive drab, khaki and navy are top colors for boys, and anything with safari, tropical or bug prints is popular.

-- Cox News Service

'The Mane Thing'

Kevin Mancuso insists his early childhood memories of growing up include images of women in hair colors such as apricot, rust, blue rinse and purple. The hairdos, he says, made him think of food, "like artichokes and cotton candy," and one, "a bag of Jiffy Pop."

He also recalls how his mother spent hours shaping her hair into glamorous coifs reminiscent of Lana Turner or Marilyn Monroe.

With such images behind him, he wasn't likely to become a lawyer or car salesman. But his 20-year career as a hairstylist has taken him well beyond the norm and into ranks of celebrities, fashion photographers and magazine editors. He has wielded his brush over the likes of Cindy Crawford, Ashley Judd, Linda Evangelista and Stephanie Seymour.

Now he offers some techniques and advice in a new book, "The Mane Thing" (Little, Brown & Co., $25). Besides some basics, he demonstrates how, if you have similar hair, you can achieve some of the celebrity styles and how to select the right look for yourself.

-- Knight Ridder/Tribune

Sculpting boomers

Perhaps baby boomers have passed their peak. Nearly 1.2 million of them had cosmetic surgery last year, the American Society for Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery reports.

Boomers accounted for 42 percent of the nearly 2.8 million cosmetic procedures performed in 1998, with chemical skin peels the No. 1 procedure. Boomer breast augmentations increased 25 percent over the previous year.

-- Knight Ridder/Tribune

Details of summer

Five of-the-moment accessories to buy cheaply, wear to death and discard at the end of the summer.

* Bra-strap headband: A stretchy length of elastic with those metal adjustment clips, created for the Milan fashion shows by the stylists at Bumble & Bumble. Find the copies in the accessories aisles of discount and department stores.

* Beaded or embroidered purse: Not an evening bag. The embellished purse is great with jeans, a sleeveless dress, even basic black pants.

* Jeweled hairpins: Trimmed with flowers or bugs, these pins add a sweet touch to long or short hair. Best on the young, however.

* Molded-sole shoes: What you get when you combine running shoes with loafers. The curvy, molded sole is supremely comfortable, but the top of the shoe has a more polished look.

* Shimmering makeup: You can wear shiny lilac eye shadow, glimmering rose blush, hot pink lipstick with a subtle glow. But please -- only one at a time.

-- Detroit Free Press

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