"In 'The Fox and the Hound' by Walt Disney, Widow Tweed...


May 16, 1999

"In 'The Fox and the Hound' by Walt Disney, Widow Tweed found a little fox. She named him Tod. Tod had a friend named Copper, who was a hound dog. Copper and Tod liked to play hide and seek in the forest. They decided to be best friends forever."

-- Tyler Riecke

Our Lady of Hope/St. Luke School

" 'Encyclopedia Brown Takes the Case' by Donald J. Sobol is about a boy named Encyclopedia Brown who is really smart and solves mysteries with his eyes closed. He has a sidekick named Sally and the boys in the Tigers' gang are scared of her because she can punch really well. I really liked this book because it caught my eye, and I like mysteries."

-- Dayna Cohen

Oakleigh Elementary

"My favorite book by Dr. Seuss is 'Green Eggs and Ham.' Why I like it is because it is funny and it is very good to read."

-- Shalaine Johnson

Havre de Grace Elementary

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