Friendly trash-talkingBETH KAHR, executive director of the...

Scene and Heard in Anne Arundel

May 16, 1999

Friendly trash-talking

BETH KAHR, executive director of the Anne Arundel Marine Trades Association in Annapolis, said many friends called her after a picture of her standing in a trash bin for recycling shrink-wrap ran recently in The Sun.

"They said, `We always knew you were trash, but now we have documentation,' " Kahr said.

-- Cheryl Tan

Mad enough to move?

IRATE ABOUT Annapolis Ward 5 Alderman Herb McMillan's bill to curb loitering related to drug activity, longtime community activist Bertina Nick said: "What is he trying to make me do? Move to the 5th Ward to run against him?"

-- Cheryl Tan

One slight draws another

AT A recent County Council budget session, members were mulling plans for a county park in Severna Park. Council President Daniel E. Klosterman, who hails from Glen Burnie, had doubts about spending $12 million for a regional park at this particular spot.

"Some of the regional parks have things that attract people like beautiful trails or the waterfront," he said. "But what on earth is going to attract people to Severna Park?"

Later that morning, when budget talks turned to plans to invest in a parking garage next to a hotel being built on Klosterman's home turf of Glen Burnie, Severna Park's Councilman Clifford R. Roop showed he wasn't going to let the slight go unanswered.

"By the way," he said, turning to Klosterman, "who on earth would want to stay in a hotel in Glen Burnie?"

-- Matthew Mosk

A barber visit cut short

RECENT CONVERSATION between a potential customer and a barber on West Street in Annapolis:

Customer: How much for a haircut?

Barber: $25.

Customer: Hmm. OK. But I'm sort of in a hurry, so could I skip the shampoo and just get a haircut?

Barber: It works a lot better when the hair is wet.

Customer: Can't you just wet it, then?

Barber: That's not how I normally do business. I'm a professional. When I give a haircut, I cut every hair.

Customer: So, for $25, I have to have a shampoo that I don't want?

Barber: What about what I want? This is my business.

Customer: Aren't you supposed to worry about what the customer wants?

Barber: If I did that, I'd have customers lined out the door.

Customer (looking at the empty waiting room): Well, that would be awful, wouldn't it?

Result: The customer went to Leon's in Eastport and got an $8 haircut in 10 minutes. No shampoo.

-- Neal Thompson

Coach or first class?

A DIMINUTIVE, boyish-looking man in a dark suit held court at BWI last week, waiting for a delayed Southwest Airlines flight to Cleveland. It was Ohio Rep. Dennis Kucinich. A career politician, Kucinich couldn't let the dead time at the gate go to waste. He passed out cards, shook hands and chatted with other passengers, the center of attention.

When people finally began boarding, Kucinich was among the first group to get on the plane, and he disappeared through the door, waving to the crowd.

"Well," somebody said, "It's nice to see him saving the taxpayers' money, flying Southwest."

Kucinich, mayor of Cleveland when that city went bankrupt in the 1970s, knows something of the value of money. Cost of the Southwest flight: $88.

-- Rosemary Armao

Some of our readers have asked if they can get into the act and write their "scenes." The answer is yes. If you've seen, heard or experienced something funny, poignant or telling around Anne Arundel County over the past couple of weeks, tell us about it in two or three paragraphs. Scenes runs most Sunday. You can reach us at 410-315-8920, 8131 Ritchie Highway, Pasadena 21122.

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