'Melrose Place': Going, going, gone

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May 16, 1999|By Sun Staff

The demise of "Seinfeld" last year proved the old axiom: You can't take it with you. (Unless, like Jerry, you own the syndication rights.) The show's creative types clearly left the old magic behind, if this season's mostly awful "Seinfeld" offspring -- "Dilbert" and "It's Like ... You Know" -- are any indication. Talk about yada, yada, yada.

But for fans of another soon-to-expire series, "Melrose Place," taking the show -- or at least pieces of it -- with them is a real possibility. Beginning tomorrow evening and continuing beyond "Melrose's" May 24 finale, hundreds of props, furnishings and wardrobe items from the 7-year-old series go up for auction online.

Yes, it's your chance to bid on such seminal "Melrose" artifacts as the bedroom headboard of chief villainess Amanda Woodward (Heather Locklear), the scuffed-up motorcycle boots of troubled hunk Jake Hanson (Grant Show) and the wedding dress of martyred Machiavellian Sydney Andrews (Laura Layton) -- the very one she was wearing when she was killed by a car right after the ceremony, complete with tire tracks!

And much, much more. The auction "catalog" on Web site Amazon.com offers insight into the essence of the Aaron Spelling prime-time soap, which focused on the incredibly complicated lives of a dozen or so incredibly beautiful young people living in an incredible L.A. apartment house. That is, the sex.

There's Sydney's "leopard print stripping outfit," Amanda's "queen-size leopard sheet set," Lexi Sterling's (Jamie Luner) lingerie and "red queen satin sheets from her bedroom" among other things. But there are also more practical items, like some of the green apartment doors, a pool table from Shooter's restaurant, and various lamps, desks and coffee tables.

In an only-in-Hollywood plot twist, the proceeds from these belongings of the show's shifty, cynical, self-centered cast are going to charity, specifically the American Cancer Society and Big Brothers, Big Sisters of America.

So if you're feeling big-hearted, make that bid on Amanda's sexy but sophisticated "classic black and white wool outfit." But make sure your heart is the only thing that's big -- Amanda was a size 4.

The "Melrose Place" Charity Online Auction begins at 9 p.m. tomorrow and concludes Thursday, May 27, at 9 p.m. at www.amazon.com.

Pub Date: 05/16/99

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