Columbia Foundation


May 16, 1999|By Sloane Brown

There were no speeches and no presentations at the Columbia Foundation's 17th annual Spring Garden Party. What you found at the Rouse Co.'s Spear Center were just 560 folks from Columbia-area businesses and nonprofits enjoying drinks, dinner and each other.

"We're welcoming in the spring," explained the foundation's Anne Barney.

Springing up in the crowd: Barbara Lawson, foundation executive director; foundation board members Michael Davis, Sherman Howell and Ellen Koplow; Malynda Madzel, president of Custom Telemarketing Services Inc.; George Doetsch, president of Apple Ford; Henry Posko, CEO of Developmental Services Group; Doris Ligon, director of the African Art Museum of Maryland; and Maggie Brown, Columbia Association VP.

The Spring Garden Party cultivated $28,000 to nurture Columbia-area charitable and cultural organizations.

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