'7th Heaven' star is on Cloud 9' Just for kids

May 13, 1999|By Ian Spelling | Ian Spelling,Chicago Tribune

"7th Heaven." It's the show that shouldn't be a hit. A series about a family that sticks together through thick and thin -- nobody's going to watch that, right?

Well, nobody watched it for a while, but now, in its third season, the WB network's "7th Heaven" is huge. Every week, more and more people -- kids, parents and grandparents -- tune in to the Camdens: Mom and Dad; daughters Mary, Lucy and Ruthie; and sons Matt, Simon and new twins David and Samuel.

"Kids always liked us, but now everybody watches us," says Jessica Biel, 17, who plays Mary. "Yet we just got the (TV Guide) award as 'The Best Show You're Not Watching.' Hey, we'll take any awards anybody wants to give us. It's real crazy and awesome. How can it get any better than this?"

Biel, who's as gung-ho and energetic as a cheerleader squad, thinks she knows why "7th Heaven" is so popular. It's a combo of cast and crew chemistry, and the fact that the show is about family, friendship and tradition. "Everybody's amazing," Biel says. "There's no attitude. As a show, we have a sense of morality and ethics. It's very wholesome, and not a lot of shows are wholesome. Everybody can watch the show together.

"We're about morality, but we don't stick your face in it. We teach lessons and deal with real issues, but our shows are not uncool. Maybe we're geeks, but we're geeks in a great way."

Pub Date: 05/13/99

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