Hot corner

May 12, 1999

Quote: "It's not awkward. I'm with the Cardinals, and the Phillies are a team coming into town. I just hope we play well and win." -- J.D. Drew, drafted second overall in the 1997 draft but not signed by the Phillies, now with the Cardinals, who picked him the next year.

It's a fact: The Padres announced a switch in the flagship radio station for their game broadcasts, ending a 21-year association with KFMB, and going to KOGO, their original broadcast home in 1969.

Who's hot: The Reds bullpen has the lowest ERA in the NL.

Who's not: The Brewers have thrown out only eight runners while allowing 32 steals.

On deck: The gates at Dodger Stadium are being opened 30 minutes earlier than usual in this series to accommodate fans wanting to watch Sammy Sosa take batting practice.

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