Photo winners named

Media Festival honors talents of students

May 12, 1999

Carroll County public schools have announced the winners of the annual Media Festival photography and video contests. They will be honored today at a reception at the school system's resource center in Westminster.

Photos will be on display through May 21 in the center at 125 N. Court St.

Photography winners, kindergarten to second grade, were: Life study (color): Lauren Evans, first, Hampstead; Collins Lethbridge, second, Elmer Wolfe.

Landscape (color): Kayla Harbeitner, first, Eldersburg; Kristie Eusini, second, Hampstead; black and white, Lorne Haines, first, Manchester.

Still life (color): Joshua Reichert, first, Elmer Wolfe; Nicholas Johnson, second, Mount Airy.

Experimental (color): Richie Parks, first, Linton Springs; black and white, Lorne Haines, first, Manchester.

Honorable mention: Allison Baird, Jesse George, William Winchester; Annabelle Leubke, Eldersburg; Elise Hoskins, Andrew G. Forster, Richie Parks, Linton Springs; Sheridan Renshaw, Mount Airy Elementary; T.J. Desmond, Lorne Haines, Manchester; Evan Stultz, Elmer Wolfe; Emily Armacost, Sandymount; Rachel Machlinski, Hampstead.

Third- to fifth-grade photography winners were:

Life study (color): Rachael Schuster, first, William Winchester; Arianna Franca, Mount Airy Elementary, and Lauren Anderson, Sandymount, tie for second.

Landscape (color): Allyson Lethbridge, first, Elmer Wolfe; Robert Parks, second, Linton Springs.

Still life (color): Ashlyn Cohill, first, Eldersburg; Samantha Pietryak, Hampstead, and Courtney Smith, Sandymount, second place tie.

Experimental (color): Dresden Moreno, first, Hampstead; black and white, Ashby Haines, first, Manchester.

Honorable mention: Jennifer Rosso, Rachel Harbinger, Eldersburg; Jenny Myers, Elmer Wolfe; Kaitlyn DeBandi, Jeff Bennett, Robert Parks, Linton Springs; Denise Nott, Sophie Thomas, Ashby Haines, Manchester; Brianna Stefanelli, Justin Walsh, Hampstead; Sara Sollott, William Winchester; Allison Borelli, Nikki Rieland, Mount Airy Elementary; Courtney Smith, Sandymount.

Winners of the photo contest, sixth to eighth grade, were:

Life study (color): Angie Rasche, first, Northwest; Kyle Barber, second, New Windsor.

Landscape (color): Sara O'Koren, first, Mount Airy; Shannon Dailey, second, North Carroll.

Still life (color): Adam Brodowski, second, North Carroll.

Experimental (color): Cory Hamblet, first, New Windsor.

Honorable mention: Adam Brodowski, North Carroll; Samantha Gibbes, Meaghan Dimond, New Windsor.

Winners of the photo contest, ninth to 12th grade, were:

Life study (color): Jessica Boyd, first, Westminster; Jenny Stem, second, South Carroll; black and white, Lauren Magee, first, Westminster.

Landscape (color): Jessica Boyd, first, Westminster; Kelly Harrison, second, South Carroll; black and white, Jamie Lynn, first, Westminster; Matt Szewczyk, second, Francis Scott Key.

Still life (black and white): Jamie Lynn, first, Westminster.

Experimental (black and white): Michael Higgs, first, Westminster.

Honorable mention: Jenny Stem, South Carroll; Jill Renee Baker, Francis Scott Key.

Video contest winners were:

Level 3-5: Grade 5 project, "3 Views," William Winchester, and "Dr. Livingstone," Linton Springs, first place tie.

Honorable mention (level 3-5): "Music Discovery," Elmer Wolfe; "Colorado Jeopardy," William Winchester; "Matt's Birthday," Eldersburg.

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