Evading bull complicates I-795 commute

Escaped animal killed after two-hour pursuit by troopers, motorists

May 12, 1999|By Dail Willis | Dail Willis,SUN STAFF

An 1,800-pound bull named Charlie who jumped from a trailer onto Interstate 795 in Owings Mills yesterday was shot and killed by state police after a two-hour attempt to capture the animal.

The incident occurred during evening rush hour. Before he was brought down, the 4-year-old black Angus evaded the two men taking him to auction as well as state troopers and a half-dozen motorists who left their cars to chase the bull over and around the interstate.

The incident began about 5: 15 p.m. when Charlie apparently kicked his way out of the trailer as his owner drove north on I-795.

"You just heard a big heavy `thump' and you looked in the rearview mirror, and [the bull] was reclined on 795," said Donald Johnson, a Baltimore Gas and Electric Co. worker from Stevensville who was driving with Crownsville cattle farmer David George as they took the bull to auction. "Then everybody behind us started locking their brakes."

The two men had intended to sell the bull in Westminster, but the animal broke free and lumbered across four lanes of traffic toward Owings Mills Town Center.

He was chased by George and Johnson, as well as several motorists who stopped to help -- including one man who was pulled over when the bull landed almost in front of him, according to George.

The bull eluded his pursuers and paused to graze in a field near the Owings Mills mall.

Then he ran across southbound 795, again stopping traffic but avoiding a collision, and moved into a wooded area between the ramps to northbound and southbound 795, where troopers shot him.

"We tried to give the owner the opportunity to recover his property before we shot him," said Lt. Raymond Grissett, who commands the Golden Ring barracks. Three state highway workers roped the dead bull and used a tow truck to pull the carcass from the woods.

George said he intended to sell the bull's carcass to a butcher.

Pub Date: 5/12/99

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