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May 12, 1999

Ask the Athletes

Who is your favorite singer, group or musician?

Adam Graves, left wing, New York Rangers: "Bruce Springsteen. My favorite songs are 'Born to Run' and 'Glory Days.'"

Tom Dolan, Olympic gold-medal swimmer: "I would say my all-time favorite is Public Enemy. I've been a huge rap fan my whole life."

Omar Vizquel, shortstop, Cleveland Indians: "I enjoy (saxophonist) Kenny G a lot. I even bought a saxophone and took some lessons."

Mystery Athlete

The Clues:

This Mystery Athlete's team won two world championships in the past three seasons. Can you figure out who he is?

1. The Mystery Athlete plays the same sport in the same city as Mike Piazza.

2. The Mystery Athlete's team won a record 125 games in 1998.

3. The vowel e appears four times in the Mystery Athlete's name.


The Athlete's name

ANSWER: Derek Jeter of the New York Yankees


Pub Date: 05/12/99

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