`Probable further gains' expected for stocks

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May 12, 1999|By Julius Westheimer

STOCK WATCH: "The flow of money into stocks continues to expand at a very positive pace, leading to probable further gains in the months ahead." (Lowry's Market Analysis)

"The primary reason we remain positive on the U.S. stock market is that there is simply nowhere else for investors to go." (Blue Chip Growth Letter in Barron's)

"We flash a green light! Become fully invested in top-performing stocks. Nothing ventured, nothing gained." (Cabot Market Letter)

"Main components of this bull market: Recovery in Asia, rising oil prices and lofty price-earnings ratios of hi-tech stocks." (Fortune)

GROWING OLDER: "In your 30s and 40s, be fully invested in stocks. Best allocation: 50 percent in an index fund, 20 percent in a balanced fund, 20 percent in an international fund, 10 percent in a sector fund. In your 50s and beyond, have 40 percent in an index fund, 35 percent in a balanced fund and 25 percent in a long-term bond fund." (Morningstar Inc.)

VIEW FROM ABROAD: "The explosion of online trading has not kept Merrill Lynch's bosses awake at night. After all, discount brokerages, including Charles Schwab, have been around off-line for years, but have not stopped most full-service firms from earning a good living. Thanks to the bull market, the proportion of investors' assets managed by full-service brokers has been growing." (The Economist)

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