Orioles' ups and downs

May 09, 1999|By Joe Strauss

Harold Baines -- UP -- The DH entered the weekend with three home runs and 10 RBIs in his past six games. With 23 RBIs and only four strikeouts in first 68 at-bats, he's not ready for the Senior Tour yet.

Cultural exchanges -- DOWN -- A rain delay, an irate clubhouse, a six-run beating and an umpire administering a body slam in short center field. Next year it's somebody else's turn to go home-and-home with the Cubans.

The Bird -- UP -- He took one for the team Tuesday night. A Philly thug is accused of pushing the O's mascot off a 9-foot ledge. The Bird suffered a sprained ankle and a bruised shoulder. Next time, try flapping.

Bruce Kison -- UP -- On the spot a week ago, the pitching coach and Ray Miller adjusted the rotation and helped Juan Guzman regain his focus, Sidney Ponson his confidence and Scott Erickson his sinker.

The A-Train -- UP -- Give him a defined role and Arthur Rhodes becomes the league's most dangerous left-handed reliever. He led the team in strikeouts until Wednesday. Deed him the eighth inning.

B. J. Surhoff -- UP -- He has found a home hitting in front of Albert Belle. Five hits one game, a sliding, game-ending catch another day and two home runs on the next. Also earned a save for pulling the Cuban umpire off anti-Castro protester.

Pub Date: 5/09/99

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