Demonstrators seek end to NATO bombing in Yugoslavia

May 07, 1999

Area peace groups opposed to NATO's bombing in Yugoslavia took their case to thousands of Baltimore commuters yesterday with a rush-hour banner across the Jones Falls Expressway.

The 30-foot-wide sign, raised on the 28th Street bridge facing northbound traffic, said in letters 3 feet high, "Build Bridges, Don't Bomb Them."

"We're asking for a negotiated stop to the bombing. It's not helping, and it's killed a lot of people," said Mike Bardoff, a spokesman for the Baltimore Emergency Response Network, part of the newly formed Baltimore Coalition Against War in the Balkans.

About 50 people demonstrated peacefully on the bridge for several hours beginning at 5 p.m.

"We're against all the violence, and we want to aid all the victims of violence -- the Serbs and the other nationalities of Yugoslavia," Bardoff said.

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