Constellation Energy is given a lower ranking than Pepco

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May 07, 1999|By Julius Westheimer

NOTES ABOUT your money and investments:

Baltimore Gas and Electric stock, now Constellation Energy Group Inc., is ranked Group 2 -- Good-to-High Quality -- in Argus Research Electric Utility Rankings. Potomac Electric Power Co., our neighbor to the south, is listed under Group 1 -- High Quality.

"You don't have to take Social Security at age 65. You get larger benefits if you apply later, whether working or retired." (Kiplinger Washington Letter)

"A charitable remainder trust is useful in financial and estate planning. You give away property now and achieve major benefits in so doing, while retaining some of the benefits of the property. See your accountant or financial consultant for details." (Coyne & McClean Report)

Biogen Inc., Dell Computer Corp., EMC Corp. and Ford Motor Co. are listed under "Most Popular Stocks Among 10-Year Market-Beating Newsletters" in Hulbert Financial Digest.

"Never buy a stock that didn't rise in a bull market. Smart guys are out of it." (Kenneth Fisher, money manager, in Forbes)

"Based on profit growth, the stock market is 20 percent overvalued. I suspect the Dow will continue to hover around 10,000 way out in 2005." (Martin Sosnoff, financial counselor)

"Don't overexpose your portfolio to technology. High-tech stocks should make up no more than 25 percent of your portfolio if you're young, and no more than 15 percent if you're in your 50s and beyond." (Don Phillips, CEO, Morningstar Inc.)

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