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Community Channel 19 presents `Lifetime' honor at 7th annual Vollies

May 05, 1999|By Ellie Baublitz | Ellie Baublitz,CONTRIBUTING WRITER

Carroll Community Television Cable Channel 19 celebrated its 10th anniversary at the 1999 Vollie Awards by presenting one of its longtime volunteer producers with the first Outstanding Lifetime Achievement Award.

Before the surprise award was announced, the recipient, Bob Johnson of Mount Airy, had racked up his 18th Vollie Award -- this year for the best community project of 1998, Mount Airy's Festival on the Ridge.

"He's the voice of Channel 19," said Marion Ware, executive director of the station. "He is five stars."

All Johnson could say was, "Oh my," before telling the crowd at the Wakefield Valley Golf and Conference Center on Friday night how much he has enjoyed producing programs and the people he has met while doing the shows.

Before the community channel started broadcasting, Johnson took classes in television production. Since the station has been on the air, he has produced more than 100 shows, including three 20-part series.

"I like covering happenings -- the wine festival, the Memorial Day parade last night we covered the New Windsor town meeting," Johnson said. "I have a wide variety of interests."

His programs have included "Your County Government," "Your County Commissioners," "Big Times With Little Trains (and boats and planes)," the Union Mills Homestead Corn Roast, coffeehouses, musical programs and documentaries.

This is Channel 19's 10th anniversary and the seventh year for Vollie Awards. More than 40 programs were nominated in 12 categories, with the winners receiving a plaque.

Multiple winners included Terry McDonald of "Mr. Rainbow" for the best on-camera talent and best educational/instructional program; Susan Thornton for the best short feature program and best-edited program; and Richard Slechter for best live event director and best music entertainment program.

Other winners were: Tina Richardson for best first independent project, Mike Armacost for best religious program, George Shearer for best documentary program, Jeff Wilhelm for best field-produced public service announcement, and Christina Smith for best nonmusical entertainment program.

The programs were judged by Robert Lemieux of Western Maryland College; the Rev. Rob Walker of Union Street Methodist Church; Don Myers of Stu's Music Shop; Greg Faller of Towson University; Sandy Oxx, executive director of the Carroll County Arts Council; and Paul LeValley and Jackie Steven, both with Arlington Community Television in Virginia. LeValley is a former Channel 19 executive director.

The producers also cast votes for several awards. The big winner was Dave Miller, who was chosen volunteer of the year, advisory member of the year and crew member of the year.

A producer with the station since 1993, Miller counted among his duties a seat on the Advisory Committee, reporting on negotiations between Prestige Cable and the county, technical adviser, teacher and trainer.

Rookie of the year went to Terri Solarczyk and producer of the year to George Shearer.

Channel 19 airs 60 hours of programming a week to Prestige Cable's 27,000 customers. The station airs about 20 series and 20 individual shows monthly.

Vollie Awards

Carroll Community Television Channel 19 held its annual Vollie Awards Friday to honor the best of its 1998 programming. The following producers and their programs were nominated for awards. Bolded names denote winners:

* Best First Independent Project: Donna Mooshegian for "Carroll County Children's Fair"; Tina Richardson for "All That Grows -- Bird Banding at Western Maryland College."

* Best Educational/Instructional Program: Tina Richardson for "All That Grows -- Invasive Plants and Tree ID Walk"; Steve Mednick for "Unsolved Crimes No. 59"; Christina Smith for "Kengmo"; Terry McDonald for "Mr. Rainbow -- Time for Celebrations."

* Best Religious Program: Christina Smith for "A Stranger for Christmas"; Mike Armacost for "The Joyful Sound -- Witness of God's Grace No. 270"; Ken Lynch for "North Carroll Assembly of God No. 8."

* Best Short Feature Program: Terri Solarczyk for "Carroll Community College Presents Youth Art Month"; Susan Thornton for "The Sandymount Gallery -- An Artful Exhibit."

* Best On-Camera Talent: Christina Smith for "Common Ground on the Hill -- The Versitiles"; Terry McDonald for "Mr. Rainbow -- Friends"; Chris Swam for "Magic of Poetry with Becky Harman."

* Best Live Event Director: Richard Slechter for "Memorial Day Observances"; Ken Lynch for "North Carroll Assembly of God -- Joy Fellowship & Fashion Show"; Ken Birnie for "Wine in the Woods"; Community Producers for "Alpha Concert."

* Best Documentary Program: Steve Mednick for "ALPHA Concert -- Backstage Interviews"; George Shearer for "Piney Run Fishing Tournament."

* Best Field Produced Public Service Announcement: Jeff Wilhelm for "CCTV PSA -- Flying Pig"; Susan Thornton for "Introduction to Signs, Signs"; Christina Smith for "American Music and Arts Festival PSA"; Steve Mednick for "Drug PSA."

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