O's hitters glad to keep `soft' ball in storage

One used in Havana game died on warning track

May 04, 1999|By Joe Strauss

Last night's game was played with a regulation American League ball rather than the international, or "soft" ball employed in the March 28 exhibition in Havana.

Orioles catcher Charles Johnson homered in the first game and appeared to hit a second pitch even harder only to have it fall short of the Latin American Stadium warning track.

"Charles Johnson centered one ball. If it had been a normal ball it probably would have gone out of the stadium," said manager Ray Miller. "But it sounded like a punt on a practice field when he hit it. Will [Clark] came back of the dugout one time and said, `We ain't hitting nothing out of here today.' "

The international ball is designed for use with aluminum bats. Wood was used in both exhibitions.

Pub Date: 5/04/99

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