Ready for big bucks

New Bohager's: Bar takes advantage of coming attractions on waterfront near Inner Harbor East.

May 04, 1999

WHEN BOHAGER'S, a 7-year-old mega-bar, moves to a new waterfront location next month, it is going after big bucks. Not in beer or rock music, but in real estate.

With a skyscraper hotel rising on a nearby parcel -- and plans for stores and a multiscreen movie theater going ahead -- it is easy to see that in just a few years, Bohager's new home could be in the middle of an entertainment crescent stretching from the Inner Harbor to Fells Point. "Development around us will determine what we will do," Damian Bohager, an owner, says of the long-term future of the 1,000-patron music hall he plans to build later this year on the site of the Parrot Island bar.

Bohager's introduced the mega-bar concept in East Baltimore, triggering a political backlash. Now that the area will have only one warehouse-sized bar instead of two, most neighboring residents seem mollified. The new Bohager's, however, will be just the opening act as the waterfront east of downtown undergoes changes that will increase traffic and crowds.

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